Sweet Berry smoothie bowl

This recipe is as easy as pie to make and if you are partial to a bit of fruity tang, this should be right up your street.  


You can whip it up in less than 5 minutes using anti-oxidant packed berries and enjoy it as either a thick, ice-cold smoothie or in a fully loaded, Insta-worthy smoothie bowl.




350g frozen berries (whichever you fancy)

1 frozen banana

75g pitted dates

Water to blend




Prep:  5 mins

Cook:  0 mins

Serves:  1 (but get your BIG Kilner jar ready!)



1.  Add all of your ingredients into a blender with enough water to blend into the desired consistency.  


2.  Blend up and enjoy as a smoothie or topped with fruit and other goodies as a smoothie bowl.


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