blueberry & raspberry bircher

Who doesn't love a bircher?  This Blueberry and Raspberry Bircher is a deliciously fruity breakfast, packed full of vitamin C.  This yummy bowl has a satisfying crunch from the crisp, fresh apple paired with creamy dairy-free yoghurt and tangy fresh berries; a delicious vegan breakfast that will keep you going until lunch time.


A bircher can be prepared in advance much like overnight oats, so it's really handy for meal-prepping to take to work, uni or school.  The shredded apple adds bite to the filling rolled oats, and the berry compote is a welcome tangy addition.




50g rolled oats

125g yoghurt (dairy alternative)

½ apple, coarsely grated

25g blueberries


For the berry compote:


25g blueberries

25g raspberries

1 tsp coconut nectar

A dash of water to mix, if needed


Prep:  5 mins

Cook:  0 mins

Servings: 1


1. Make the berry compote by blending the 25g blueberries, 25g rapsberries and tsp of coconut nectar together.


2. Mix all of the other ingredients together with the berry compote.


3. Top with whatever toppings you like and enjoy.  We used almonds and cranberries.


Tip:  There is no need to leave this overnight, you can tuck right in or make it in advance – whichever you prefer!


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