what to get a vegan this christmas


So you’ve got a vegan friend / girlfriend / boyfriend / relative and you’re stuck on what to get them for Christmas?  


Perhaps your loving wife has suddenly sprung it on you that she’s now vegan, after ten years of you honing your non-vegan present selecting skills to master perfection (#guilty… sorry HB).


Buying for a vegan can be a bit of a minefield, especially if you are new to understanding what it means.  You’ve got to keep your beady eye on the ingredients label of food products, make sure beauty products are cruelty free and that accessories avoid certain materials.  


Fear not my friends, I’ve got your back! 


You have come to the right place and I am here to provide you with the answers to your Christmas present buying panic-questions.  The great thing about getting a gift for a vegan is that you can get it SO SO right.  We tend to be a thankful bunch and by putting in the effort, as you are, to select a thoughtful gift that shows understanding and compassion towards our beliefs is going to mean the absolute world to us.



So without further ado, lets get into our 2017 vegan gift guide:




Being a new vegan is like having your world turned upside down.  You know it makes sense but you’re like Bambi trying to walk on the ceiling. 


Newbie vegans are still learning so help them along their way:


“Keep it Vegan” by Aine Carlin


'Keep It Vegan' is one of the best vegan recipe books around and simply a must have for any new vegan.  It’s beautifully presented and has a brilliant selection of simple recipes that actually work.  From summer berry ‘buttermilk’ pancakes and blueberry muffins to macaro-no cheese, Indian-spiced tacos (heaven!) and fudgy brownies.


A newbie vegan hamper


This is the ultimate gift that is bound to bring sheer joy to a new vegan.  Try a selection of vegan essentials such as:


  • Vegan chocolate #obvs (we’ve got a great selection here).
  • Nutritional yeast - no vegan is without 'nooch' (as it is affectionately known), the secret ingredient for every delicious vegan cheesy sauce out there.
  • Dairy free mylk sample cartons - coconut, almond, oat, cashew?  Which will be their favourite?!
  • Vegan baking essentials such as flax seeds, coconut oil, chia seeds and coconut nectar - the perfect honey replacement.
  • ‘Accidentally vegan’ treats - just google ‘accidentally vegan’ and you’ll get hundreds of delicious goodies come up that are easily available from your local supermarket.
  • Cruelty free cosmetics or pamper products.




AlohaSol - ‘Why I’m Vegan’ Charm Necklace


A tastefully simple necklace with five circle charms hand printed with an earth, peace sign, heart, V for ‘vegan’ and a cow.  This handmade 'Why I'm Vegan' necklace has a meaningful message delivered in a subtle and beautiful way that is bound to be loved by anyone who is lucky enough to receive it.


Votch - Vegan Leather Watch


These have got to be some of the most stunning watches around!  Ethical brand Votch use vegan leather for their straps and have a clear cut unfussy style with watches in a range of strap and face colours.  Try the light grey and rose gold - simply beautiful! 




Matt and Nat - Vegan Leather Wallet


Matt and Nat create beautiful vegan leather bags, wallets and accessories using sustainable and eco-friendly methods such as using 100% recycled plastic bottles for their bag linings. 


They have a fantastic selection of men’s accessories in a simple, classic style - we particularly like the ‘Rubben’ black wallet from the Unify Vintage Collection, its a beauty!





The Edgy Veg:  Carnivore Approved Vegan Recipes by Candice Hutchings


You haven’t lived until you have come across The Edgy Veg YouTube Channel from Candice and James; a spunky duo with a wicked sense of humour.  


Tired of the traditional plant based recipes of salads and smoothies they are on a culinary journey to revolutionise vegan food as we know it.  The Edgy Veg recipe book is packed with vegan comfort food and naughty treats such as Drunken ‘Fish’ and Chips, Shredded Hogtown Jackfruit and The Mack Daddy burger.


A vegan sweetie bag


Chewy sweets are generally a bit of a no-go for vegans but Biona do a range of vegan friendly sweets including cola bottles, jelly dinos, fruit bears and sour snakes.




Vegan Chocolate Gift Box


If you’ve got a friend who likes chocolate, you’re in luck - there are so many fantastic vegan chocolates available in the UK!  


You could put together a delicious gift box full to the brim with tasty treats, decorated with a candy cane striped ribbon and complete with a hand stamped gift tag… or you could let us do the hard work for you!  Save yourself time and money with our range of vegan chocolate gift boxes, all hand selected and gift wrapped ready to be dished out to distribute joy to your vegan loved one on Christmas morning.  Choose from:


  • Fruity - 8 bars of fruity chocolate deliciousness including Ombar’s Christmas inspired Cranberry and Mandarin, Very Buck ’N’ Berry by Loving Earth, Raspberry and Coconut Soft Centres and Vanoffee Chocolate Covered Mulberries by The Raw Chocolate Company.


  • Mylk and Dark - 10 bars of heavenly smooth chocolate including Mylk and Dark Buttons, Salted Caramel and the luxurious Coco Mylk by Ombar.


  • Bumper - Full to the brim with 14 fabulous vegan chocolate bars including Banoffee Bang Bang, Salted Hazelnut Vanoffee (a personal favourite), Goji, Blueberry Acai and moreish Mylk and Dark Buttons.





“Feed Me Vegan” by Lucy Watson


This recently released cook book by Made In Chelsea’s Lucy Watson is a must have and already a best seller.  Lucy has a social media following of over 1m on Instagram alone and uses her influence to spread the word about veganism and compassion towards animals.  


The recently launched ‘Feed Me Vegan’ is Lucy’s first cook book and it’s blinkin’ brilliant and beautifully presented.  It’s full to the brim with comforting vegan versions of many popular dishes including waffles, chocolate banana bread,  pesto pasta, chipotle tofu tacos and cinnamon buns.


Matt and Nat - Vegan Leather Backpack


Backpacks are the new handbags and Matt and Nat have created some beauties!  Their beautiful vegan leather bags are made using sustainable and eco-friendly methods such as using 100% recycled plastic bottles for their bag linings.


We are particularly in love with the Mumbai SM in Ink from the Dwell Collection and the Fabi Mini in Frost from the Vintage Collection is also stunning.




Cruelty Free Vegan Cosmetic Hamper


Buying cruelty free and vegan cosmetics can be a bit of a minefield, although there are more and more brands who are starting to create their products more compassionately.  Creating a cruelty free and vegan cosmetic hamper for your BFF is the ultimate display of love; what girl doesn’t love receiving lots of pampering treats to try out?!  Lush, Trilogy, Glossier and Truself Organics have some great vegan and cruelty-free products amongst others.  





Mini Mylk Vegan Chocolate Gift Bag


If you’ve got a little one who is vegan or dairy free, our Mini Mylk Gift Bag is such a treat to open on Christmas Day.  It contains five yummy dairy free chocolate bars in the creamiest flavours such as Ombar Mylk Buttons and Strawberry Mylk bar, The Raw Chocolate Company Vanoffee (heavenly!) and the super silky Loving Earth Mylk heart-shaped bar.




Us vegans are a caring sort and the best kind of present we can receive is an understanding of our beliefs and compassion towards animals; a donation on our behalf to any animal charity is bound to make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


You don’t have to spend money to make us happy this Christmas; why not make a pledge to take part in Meat Free Mondays or write up some vouchers that we can redeem to drag you along to animal sanctuaries, donate your time to help out at a local charity shop or accompany us to some yummy vegan restaurants in 2018? 


Merry Christmas all and Happy Vegan Holidays!  Xxx


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