what's in season this spring?


Eating fruits and veggies when they are in season is beneficial for so many reasons; their abundance makes them cheaper to buy, the nutrient content is better when the product is fresh and there is a higher chance of you finding organic versions down your local farmers' market.


Spring sees a number of delicious British vegetables coming into season - looking at the list below bubble and squeak should be on your spring menu!  Writing this has started me thinking about that delicious mix of creamy mashed teddys (other half tells me it's 'tiddys' but whatevs, I prefer 'teddys') and flavoursome cabbage, all crisping up in the pan mmmmm... so yes, that's totally what I am having for dinner.  Here's my receipe for a healthy bubble and squeak.



With any luck where you are the sun will shining, the daffodils will be flowering in full force and you could be forgiven for getting your berry basket ready.  Patience is required however, as the 'only' fruit in season in the UK in spring is rhubarb.  I say 'only' in inverted commas because rhubarb (in my opinion) is the king of fruits and is so utterly tangy and delicious I wouldn't want to insult it by making it out to be less important than it is.  That being said any excuse for a rhubarb recipe - here's my rhubarb crispy crumble to tantlise your taste buds with spring's first fruit as the star of the show.



Keep an eye out for these beauties, which are all in season in the UK this Spring:





jersey royal new potatoes

purple sprouting broccoli



savoy cabbage


spring greens

spring onion


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