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I love Instagram.  Yes, it has the ability to waste copious amounts of your day but, with all of it's pretty pictures and tickling memes, it's a joy to use.  


Instagram is responsible in part for transforming my eating and exercise habits from questionable (and sometimes downright atrocious) to actually, quite often, deserving of a healthy thumbs up.  


One of the great things about Instagram is that it is full of fitness tips and nutritious 'pretty' food to help inspire you and keep you on a clean living path.  After all, who doesn't like to make, prepare and eat pretty food?  And lets face it - have you ever seen a pretty looking chip butty?  Delicious yes, pretty no.  Healthy food tends to be the most photogenic and boy are there some gorgeous looking dishes on Instagram!


Here are my current top 10 healthy Instagram profiles, full of delicious looking food and exercise tips to get you motivated to get moving and cooking:





My absolute fave!  Emily is such an honest and positive influence in the health and fitness industry. 


This weight lifting Aussie beauty provides inspiration with her health tips, workout videos and personal experiences.





Rainbow filled lifestyle inspo in the form of a plant-based Hawaii mum Andy. 


Andy's culinary creations will leave you desparate to get in the kitchen.  This cookies 'n' cream salted caramel vegan ice cream bowl looks AMAZING, like proper vegan naughtiness.




A word of warning, this profile will make you ravenously hungry!


A foodie photographer who makes beautiful looking clean eats.  Major delicious meal inspo, I might have to break to make her mexican style pizza… mmmmm.




A pizza loving, body building beauty providing all of the workout inspiration you will ever need with her perfectly honed abs.


If any profile will get you in the gym it will be Paige's!




A profile full of vegan comfort-food dishes including burrito bowls, poutine and masala dosa with links to ‘how to’ videos and recipes.




A proud Yorkshire lass, with a profile full of fitness and healthy eating inspo winging its way out to all of her followers. 


Zanna's all about a balanced lifestyle and keeps it real with honest and well researched posts.  She's a trained PT and you won't struggle to find her profile interesting, inspiring and informative.




Masses of plant-based inspiration; from vegan mac 'n' cheese burgers to tofu scramble and apple tart.  Plus she has a gorgeous cat so that instantly gets extra points obvs.




A Swedish Mama of 3 with a beautiful profile full of new and fun foodie ideas to give you lots of healthy, plant based inspiration.


Not to mention snickers baked quinoa porridge; need I say more?





A colourful, fun profile full of vegan deliciousness from super-young Aussie vegan Cherie.  


Expect rainbow nice creams, beautiful smoothie bowls and epic pancake stacks.





This is such a pretty profile!  


A colourful foodies’ delight with delicious smoothie bowls, brownies and of course chia puddings.  Yum!




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