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Going on holiday is exciting; a time to kick back, relax and enjoy life.  It’s not always easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you are away from home and if you are anything like me, after two days of being ‘off plan’, it can start to catch up with you and all you crave are your healthy home staples.


Being a clean eating vegan who is intolerant to a range of foods from wheat to mangoes, I always feel a little apprehensive before I go away and have to be organised so that I don’t come unstuck.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a few treats here and there but generally I like to eat well so that I can feel my best whilst I am on holiday.  


Here are my tips for eating clean whilst you are away from home:




Before I go away I always do a little bit of research into the local area and look for restaurants that can cater for me.  As a vegan I use the Happy Cow app, along with Trip Advisor, and mark any suitable restaurants on a map of the local area so that if we happen to be close we can swing by, or make a special trip for dinner.  


I also do a search on YouTube for any fellow travellers with similar dietary requirements, you can pick up some great tips and local knowledge!


Get packing


I pack clean snack bars, such as raw pressed fruit and nut, along with porridge sachets and always carry a couple in my rucksack or handbag for emergencies.  This has saved me from a hunger induced bread binge on a number of occasions!



Stock up


When you go for that first wander around town when you have checked in to your accommodation, suss out the local food offerings, shops and stalls.  


One of the first things I do is hunt out the local supermarket and buy some fruit and veg ready for snacking.  We recently went on an epic three week road trip around Italy and the back seat of our little Fiat 500 was never without a bunch of bananas and a bag of mixed fruit on it ready for when hunger struck (which it does often with me)!  Whilst you are in the shop don’t forget to stock up on lots of water, especially if you are in a hot country.


Keep your eyes peeled for fruit and vegetable stands selling fresh, local produce and stock up when you can.  You can’t beat beautifully ripe, sun-warmed fruit that has been picked fresh that morning!



Juice bars


Juice bars are becoming more and more popular so keep an eye out for stalls and cafés selling freshly pressed fruit and vegetables juices.  Take the opportunity to get in your greens and order a delicious green juice.




Start your day off with a healthy, filling and nutritious breakfast from the hotel buffet or your stock of fruit.  It will set you up on the right track for the day.




Instead of eating out for lunch, why not pack a picnic for days out so that you can enjoy the healthy snacks and treats that you know will keep you feeling your best.





If you find yourself at a restaurant with a limited menu, as no doubt you will, don’t be afraid to try and customise.  Restaurants are becoming more and more flexible and you never know what they might be able to rustle up for you.


An option that I use a lot when I am facing a limited menu is to order several side dishes to make up a meal.  I ate potatoes roasted in rosemary olive oil and a side salad with balsamic vinegar on a number of occasions on my most recent holiday!


Enjoy yourself


If you are on holiday, the most important thing is that you relax and enjoy yourself.  Don’t deprive yourself of enjoyable foods, just enjoy them in moderation and make healthful choices wherever you can to keep yourself feeling your best.


Happy holidays,


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