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Our mission is to inspire positive change towards a cleaner future,

promoting good health for you and for the planet.



We want to help empower and enable you to live the concious life that you strive for.  We want to make it easy for you to find insightful, thought-provoking articles, wholesome plant-based recipes and natural products that promote health, are of excellent quality and that minimise the impact we have on the planet.  


We donate 20% of our profits to likeminded charitable causes.


The Clean Company shop


Everything we stock is organic, vegan and made entirely from natural ingredients.  Browse our shop for healthy wholefoods, eco-friendly and recycled homewares, organic beauty ranges and toxin-free baby products.


We test out all of our products thoroughly and we only stock items that we absolutely LOVE.  We are so confident that you will love our products too that we offer a money back guarantee.  


Best of all you can feel content that your concious choices are not only promoting good health for you and for the earth but you are also making a valued donation to worthy charitable causes.


Epic vegan recipes


Our recipe section is jam packed full of delicious, wholesome and healthy vegan recipes that use plant-based wholefoods and nutritious natural ingredients.  We're obsessed with good food and experimenting with 'veganising' popular dishes, so take advantage of our kitchen successes in our recipe section.


‘Keep It Clean’ blog


Swot up on the latest chat in the world of healthy vegan eating and eco-friendly living with our 'Keep It Clean' blog


Read fascinating, well researched articles on a wide range of topics such as the impact of a mother's pregnancy diet on the lifespan of her baby by Dr Louise McElheron, 'grow your own' guides, clean eating travel tips, geek-outs on the science behind the latest food trends and lots more.


Giving back


‘Clean’ for us is not just about Mother Nature helping us; we want to repay the favour as best we can.  We use natural, recyclable packaging and encourage our suppliers to do the same.  We use green energy to operate and are working towards being carbon neutral.  20% of our profits go to charities that we feel have the same ethos as us, to help them continue to make a difference.


We believe that a positive future depends on clean, concious living and we hope that we can help to inspire you to join us and be the change.


With love,


The Clean Company


our promise

100% Organic - Vegan - Natural


If you don't love it, we'll give you your money back


We donate 20% of our profits to charities that share our beliefs

let's talk clean:

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